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James DeVere

James DeVere lives and paints in Potts Point. His current work depicts moments, thoughts and the transience of life’s energy. James’ works are exhibited in Germany, Beijing and New Zealand in companies and private collections.

James says, “I try and reflect the immaterial, the nascent and the moments of life. Really, my aim is catching whatever I think in that moment. I refuse to apply meaning to any works and am primarily fascinated with whatever comes alive in a second.”

James DeVere’s Recent Paintings in the Tao

In his fifth solo exhibition on the 10th of April, 2007 at the Cross Bay Gallery he unveils works showing the Tao.

What is the Tao? It’s a philosophy from China in the sixth century BC created by Loa ~ Tzu who rode off on a buffalo from his village; never to be seen again. Luckily, the town’s gatekeeper begging him to stay with him awhile as Lao ~ Tzu was well known for his sagacity.

Craftily, the gatekeeper wrote down the sages wise words told, bringing us now, a fantastic mentality. Through that gatekeepers foresight we today can read Lao ~ Tzu's philosophy, that although altered and manipulated since, we can conduct our lives by.

James DeVere is an exhibition of James’ personal energy. In reading the Tao and understanding it’s idea these recent paintings aim to strip art of any creed. Removing any elaborate meaning is the point of these paintings and James hopes the vacuum of meaning is replaced with the power of the vacuum itself ~ to draw nature in and bring balance.

James DeVere dreams of a day when painting is natural, unfazed and simple, a constantly creating fusion of clarity.


Website Development 2005
Percussion 2004
Vocals 2003
Bachelor of Leisure, Art for Recreation, UNSW, 1999

Group Shows

Outside Art ~ Darlinghurst 1995
Art From the Heart ~ Bondi 1996
Christmas Show ~ Darlinghurst 1997
Kings Cross Arts Festival ~ Kings Cross 2002
Steve Mori Gallery ~ Cockle Bay 2003

Solo Shows

Wunderbar ~ Elizabeth Bay 1997 / 1999
Bayswater Fitness ~ Kings Cross 2001
Gallery 1A ~ Surry Hills 2002
Roobar ~ Surry Hills 1998 / 2004
Spud and Douglas ~ 2005
Studio Works ~ 2005


Hilton Hotels, Beijing, 1996
Andrew Williamson Collection, Sydney, 1998
Jeff Wilson Collection, San Francisco, 2001
New Zealand Dept. of Stats, Auckland, 2004
Helen Doran Collection, Dusseldorf, 2005
Various Private Collections 1994-2005


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