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Yuko Matsuzawa

Yuko Matsuzawa was born in Japan and moved to Sydney in 1998. She completed Master of Visual Art at Sydney College of Arts 2006. She uses a variety of media to express her creativity including painting, sculpture, printmaking and installation works.

Yuko’s interest lays in the experience of ‘time and space’, which is strongly related to the spiritual, internal world. The internal world emerges through the creation of artworks, both the process and the object. “My artwork is visual poetry. I engage with poetic, simple, hidden, meditative, atmospheric, silent and pure spirited work. Even though my works tend to appear simple, most images have rich content behind them.” Many of her works draw inspiration from the interactions of beings in the world that she sees. She focuses on the subtle relationships between herself, other living things and objects that take place in everyday life.

Yuko states that… Nothing is forever. Everything changes.

The world is ever changing and evolving. We are a part of it. But there is a place for constancy – it is in our heart. In my heart there is a vast forest and Art is a small seedling that sprouted there. I hope to give out my seedling to the audience, and plant it in their heart. It will grow in their soil and water under their own sun. One day it will blossom and eventually die to the soil, becoming nutrient for new life that may sprint there. And life goes on. Art is something that gives me such hope.

Our daily routine
Same old scenery
Our time flows from A to B
From start to finish
And we surrender ourselves
And drift long the flow

But I stopped
And changed the course
I stopped,
And breathed a breath
And felt the breath
I began to see…

Blue sky above us
And many small lives at my feet

Limitless universe
Within intricate connectedness of life

Small discoveries
That leads to sea of emotion

This is what I want to explore
This is what I want to express