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A Living Art Installation

Tuesday, April 10th – Saturday, April 21st, 2007. 

Sherry Lee, Curator, CROSSBAY GALLERY is proud to announce the launch of a live art installation ArtStudioBigBro! with artist, James DeVere.
ArtStudioBigBro!, will be a living, working artist’s studio in a public space.  The living art installation will run for twelve days and open for viewing to the public ~ around the clock.
The artist, JamesDeVere, will be painting, drawing and living inside ArtStudioBigBro! from Tuesday, April 10th – Saturday, April 21st, 2007. 

Everyone is invited to visit, watch and photograph James painting and living, through immense picture windows, in this controversial live art installation.

You can also be part of the ArtStudioBigBro! for your “fifteen minutes of fame,” coffee – chat with the artist.  During your philosophical coffee chat, the artist will ask you what direction your life is taking.  Please book your artist’s chat with Sherry Lee.

ArtStudioBigBro! is at the CROSSBAY GALLERY Suite 1, 1A Elizabeth Bay Rd, Elizabeth Bay for twelve days, just across from the El Alamain Fountain, in Kings Cross.

ArtStudioBigBro! brings Australians the experience of witnessing a living artist’s studio.  It will show all of us, how our artist’s draw, paint and live.  At the end of the show, James will exhibit hot new works created in the installation. 

What James will demonstrate is the emergence of art from a unique reality.  The affect of producing paintings in a transparent room will impact on the results.  The paintings will be creations affected by observation, the observer and the observed. 

Quantum physics’ discovery, that the scrutiny of matter, alters it behaviour on a subatomic level, is one idea influencing ArtStudio BigBro!